Happy Weekend + Links I Love

macaronsHappy weekend, all. Spring is definitely in the air, so get outside and make the best of it. Never mind that it’s -2 celcius in Toronto today. We’ll take it! Hope you have a memorable first weekend of spring.

If you’re curling up on the couch this weekend, here’s a roundup of weekend reads to keep you company…

+ Tech news: Avoid awkward encounters with this new app!

+ This one is for the New Yorkers out there.

+ This is Glamorous got a brand new, shiny look and I’m loving it.

+ Love this guy even more now. So inspiring…

+ On the wishlist: This makes the perfect cup of tea every time.

+ Madonna has a new skincare line.

+ Coconut porridge. Sounds so delicious and it’s good for you.

+ Love this relaxed look for spring.

+ The coolest bomber jacket.

+ These insider tips on how to spot a fake handbag are sure to come in handy.

+ Good news: Self-cleaning subway strap protects against gross germs!

+ Blinged-out bandanas and dance skills like no other. If you’ve got time, watch the coolest concert I’ve ever attended. (I was lucky enough to see these guys in Ft. Lauderdale!)

+ And this song still makes me wanna dance even after all these years.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

(Photo from 100 Layer Cake-let)


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