Happy Weekend + Links I Love

the grand budapest hotel

Happy weekend, friends. What’s on the agenda? Got any fun plans? Last night, we had a movie night at a friend’s place. We ended up watching Spanglish which I absolutely loved and one of my all-time favourites The Rainmaker. This is seriously one of the best movies ever made. Matt Damon, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover, Claire Danes, Andrew Shue and the super hot Johnny Whitworth all in one film.

This evening, I started reading Eat, Pray, Love and it hooked and reeled me right in. It’s going to be a long night. If you’re staying indoors, grab your favourite blanket and cozy up with these links…

+ “E-book retailers are now able to tell which books we’ve finished or not finished, how fast we have read them, and precisely where we snapped shut the cover of our e-books and moved on to something else.” They’re Watching You Read.

+ It never gets old: “What transforms with age are the criteria for judgment: not looks, not wealth, not the once-coveted ability to drive at night. When you get to be Nanna’s age, you’re reduced to a number — the younger the better.” Mean Girls in the Retirement Home.

+Bonnie poured her heart out to Jesus in this beautiful letter. Maybe What I Really Need Is to Be Loved, Your Beloved.

+ Watch: The Paris Opera Ballet takes flight above the French capital. “I think Louis de Caunes was inspired by all he had in front of him. The dancing, the spaces, the light,” says the Paris Opera Ballet’s Benjamin Millepied.

+ A call to action: Sarah’s post, A Lament for Nigeria.

+ In Nigeria, New Boko Haram suicide bomber tactic — little girls.

+ “Bedel is one of a small number of perfumers who, unlike fashion houses that fork over fortunes to large fragrance firms in pursuit of the next bestselling bottle, are producing scents that consumers may or may not want to smell like.” The Alchemist: For Julian Bedel, perfume is a surrealist medium.

+ Incredible aerial shot: Ohio state players celebrate their championship win against Oregon.

+ The nominees for this year’s Oscars were revealed yesterday. I haven’t watched any of the films up for Best Picture. The race is on!

+ Fox Searchlight Pictures announced that it’s re-releasing ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ in 17 select U.S. cities after the film snagged nine Oscar nominations.

(Photo from Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Happy Weekend + Links I Love

angelina jolie

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you’re having a relaxing weekend. This week, I visited pretty much every major tourist attraction in the city and it was such a blast! On Thursday, I finally made it to Sky Zone Trampoline Park. It’s literally ten minutes down the street from my place and I’m already planning a trip back there next week. Have you ever been to a trampoline park? If not, you should definitely go. It brings out your inner child and it’s such an amazing workout!

If you’re just chilling on this gorgeous Sunday morning, here’s a roundup of links to keep you company…

+ Definitely taking inspiration from these three perfectly styled looks from Gal Meets Glam. The first look is right up my alley!

+ This insightful post from Margaret Zhang on how women are so afraid to wear what makes them comfortable for fear of being judged by other women.

+ Great reads from The Everygirl: Dating Advice from TV’s Leading Ladies and 5 Things to Discuss Before Getting Engaged.

+ This necklace gets women out of bad situations. Would you wear it?

+ I just love homemade beauty products. Aimee shares her quick and easy recipe for Coconut Oil & Shea Butter lip balm and body balm.

+ The coolest denim overalls for summer.

+ Must watch: Filmmaker and adventurer Dean Potter BASE jumps with his dog strapped to his back.

+ Elle’s interview with Christopher Meloni made my week.

+ Nicole Warne’s Postcards from Kalbarri whisked me away to another world. The first shot is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before!

+ According to a new report, as forests are being cut down and species are vanishing, we are losing a world of languages.

+ Angelina Jolie oozes sophistication and kicks summer into high gear with her gorgeous editorial for Elle US.

(Photo from Visual Optimism)



Happy weekend + links I love

zack seckler 1

Happy Friday, friends. Got any fun plans for the weekend? It’s shaping up to be a gorgeous spring weekend here. I pulled my leather jacket from the closet this morning and it was the best feeling. I went for a lovely walk this afternoon and everyone I passed just looked so happy. It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for the system. I’m planning on dusting off the rollerblades and hitting the trails tomorrow afternoon. Oh and grabbing some gelato from the little place down the street.

Whatever you’ve got planned, stay safe.

As usual, here are a few fun links I’m loving this week…

+ This aerial photo series took my breath away.

+ For a good laugh: The Adventures of a Lost iPhone.

+ In love with this tour of the Groupon Headquarters in Chicago. Time to perfect those resumes.

+ The verdict is in: Kate Moss is back and better than ever! Hello, fringe.

+ Gorgeous sandals for spring.

+ Motivates me: this post by Haleigh on balancing finances and remaining creative.

+ Also, A Room with a View transported me to Paris.

+ On beauty: Why I Don’t Wear Makeup.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

(Photo from Zack Seckler)

Happy weekend + links I love

H&M 2Happy weekend and I hope you all had an amazing week! Got anything exciting planned for the weekend? Last night, I celebrated the birthday with good friends, tons of wine and delicious Greek food. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, stay safe! If you’re planning on staying indoors, here are a few cool links to keep you entertained…

+ This beautiful post from the Free People blog on the importance of being at ease.

+ I love everything about this spring lookbook.

+ How gorgeous is this downtown Manhattan apartment? The climbing wall is pure genius!

+ This post by Wendy warms the heart. She’s a survivor in every sense of the word.

+ Study this infographic before your next trip abroad.

+ Lovely blog finds this week: Lush Loves, Sweet Thing and Neon Blush.

+ These Isabel Marant boots are everywhere! Isn’t that little dress summer perfection?

These nuts help boost your immune system, lower cholesterol, improve thyroid function, strengthen bones and build up antioxidant defenses. Oh, and they’re yummy!

This spring look is seriously sweet.

Dear Dubai.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

(Photo of Andreea Diaconu in H&M’s Conscious Spring 2014 Collection via Fashion Gone Rogue)


Happy Weekend + Links I Love

macaronsHappy weekend, all. Spring is definitely in the air, so get outside and make the best of it. Never mind that it’s -2 celcius in Toronto today. We’ll take it! Hope you have a memorable first weekend of spring.

If you’re curling up on the couch this weekend, here’s a roundup of weekend reads to keep you company…

+ Tech news: Avoid awkward encounters with this new app!

+ This one is for the New Yorkers out there.

+ This is Glamorous got a brand new, shiny look and I’m loving it.

+ Love this guy even more now. So inspiring…

+ On the wishlist: This makes the perfect cup of tea every time.

+ Madonna has a new skincare line.

+ Coconut porridge. Sounds so delicious and it’s good for you.

+ Love this relaxed look for spring.

+ The coolest bomber jacket.

+ These insider tips on how to spot a fake handbag are sure to come in handy.

+ Good news: Self-cleaning subway strap protects against gross germs!

+ Blinged-out bandanas and dance skills like no other. If you’ve got time, watch the coolest concert I’ve ever attended. (I was lucky enough to see these guys in Ft. Lauderdale!)

+ And this song still makes me wanna dance even after all these years.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

(Photo from 100 Layer Cake-let)

Happy weekend + links I love


It’s Friday!! Hope everyone had a good week. I’ve got a pretty relaxing weekend ahead. Dinner and drinks with a friend, movie night with another friend, and a whole ton of relaxing. Got any cool plans? Whatever you get up to this weekend, stay safe! As usual, here’s a round-up of links I loved this week…

Have you seen this adorable mommy-and-me yoga photo series?! The matching leggings are the cutest!

Emma Watson is back and better than everGirl crush.

And Katherine Heigl stages a comeback.

The most perfect plaid coat I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Going cuckoo over this shot of Coco and her latest magazine cover.

Cara and Kate team up for Burberry.

Joan Smalls enchants in fairy tale fashion editorial.

And the perfect way to kick off the weekend.

(Photo of me and the biggest pointe shoe I’ve ever seen!)

Happy Weekend + Links I Love

469359841AB00068_86th_AnnuaHappy weekend, friends! Got any exciting plans? I’ll be volunteering with my favourite charity for a couple of hours tomorrow and the rest of my time will be devoted to binge-watching Scandal.

Hope you have a safe and wonderful weekend and don’t forget to spring forward an hour before hitting the sheets tonight! Let’s kick things off right with a few of my favourite links this week…

+ J Law’s best friend relives her night at the Oscars. Five stars!

+ This post by Taylor is right on target.

+ A tasty hotel room right here in Toronto.

+ The wake-up call of my dreams.

+ Winter wonderland.

+ Must-read: How to get your photo taken by Tommy Ton.

+ Hilarious take on lessons from the fashion month runways. Number 4 cracked me up!

+ These photos of a tiny Lego photographer are brilliant.

+ So very jealous of Rosie’s picture-perfect island getaway!

(Photo by Christopher Polk/ Getty Images)


Happy Weekend + Links I Love

lupita nyong'o

Happy, happy Friday everyone and goodbye February. What’s everyone up to this weekend? I can’t wait for the Oscars! I need to fill out my ballot before Sunday night. Will you be tuning in? In the meantime, let’s kick the weekend off right with my favourite finds from around the web.

+ Must-read: Lupita Nyong’o’s inspirational speech about beauty.

+ If your Google searches determined Oscar winners.

+ Really enjoyed reading these.

+ Loved this post by Haleigh on the truth about fashion week.

+ Made me laugh out loud.

+ 3 Law & Order actresses flex their creative muscles off screen.

+ How’s this for a blast from the past?

+ Pay attention to your nails.

+ Nutrition facts get a long overdue makeover. Thoughts?

+ I guess that’s one way of getting your Vitamin C.

+ Brush up on your Oscar trivia before the big night.

+ The Everygirl schools us on how to get the most out of our trips to the grocery store.

+ The most touching video I’ve watched in a while. Grab a box of tissues.

That’s it for now. Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

(Photo of Lupita Nyong’o from Miu Miu)

Happy Weekend + Links I Love


It’s the weekend! Got any fun plans? I’m still recovering from last weekend’s getaway. I guess I’m not as young as I thought I was! Yesterday, the city was hit with a ton of snow, then freezing rain and thunder showers overnight. I think I’ll just stay indoors this weekend. Whatever you’re doing this weekend, keep warm and stay safe. Here are few fun links to kick your weekend off right…

Talking with Justin Timberlake’s longtime choreographer.

Behind-the-scenes with Aimee Song and Heartloom.

Watch this.

I swear this blogger was a ballerina in another life.

Amazing read: Erin’s take on bloggers at New York Fashion Week.

Bobby Flay schools us on how to cook everything.

How do I get on the wait list for these beauties.

A thoughtful post: Allison DeBona weighs in on getting healthy for ballet.

Perfect snow day cocktail.

And this is why I love Justin Timberlake.

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!

(Photo from National Post)

Happy {Long} Weekend + Links I Love

say hello maxHappy Friday, friends! New York Fashion Week has come to an end and I’m here drowning my sorrows in a great big mug of hot chocolate. The live stream saved my life this week and I’m really inspired by a lot of the fall collections. I’m loving all the oversized knits (they look so toasty), all the plaid and all the brightly coloured pieces. Come on, Fall.

It’s Family Day weekend here in Canada (yes, that’s a thing) and I’m off to Ottawa for Winterlude. I. can’t. wait. We’re catching the VIA Rail first thing in the morning. What are you up to this weekend? If you’re in the path of the snowstorm, stay toasty and be safe. As usual here are a few fun links I discovered this week…

In case you missed it, watch one of my favourite shows from this week.

Fashion Week photo diary: A day in the life of ELLE’s creative genius Joe Zee. Too funny. 

Pretty, pretty photos of fashionistas in the snow on the final day of Fashion Week.

Pressures on Pointe: Confessions of an Elite Ballerina. Really want this book.

This fashion week photo shoot is the stuff fairy tales are made of.

New-to-me blogs: Shine by Three, Helena Bordon, The Blonde Salad, and Gary Pepper.

Illustrated guide: How to Survive Falling Through the Ice. Good to know since I’m going ice skating along the longest ice rink in the world (7.8 km long!) this weekend. Yipee!

I’m off to start packing! Have a wonderful weekend. Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day.

(Photo by Elsa Kawai for Say Hello, Max)