Happy Weekend + Links I Love



Happy Sunday, everyone. The end of summer is fast approaching and I’m trying to make the most of it by getting outdoors as much as possible. How are you spending these final days of summer?

If you’re in the mood for some internet browsing, here’s a roundup of the links I’m loving lately…

This week, I spent more time than I would like to admit googling the upcoming solar eclipse. Fun fact: I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up! This feature is pretty cool: a team of NASA-funded scientists will be chasing the moon’s shadow in two WB-57F research jets.

Also, this Atlantic article is absolutely fascinating: How blind astronomers will observe the solar eclipse. “Diaz Merced, an astrophysicist, is blind, with just 3 percent of peripheral vision in her right eye, and none in her left. She has been working with a team at Harvard University to develop a program that will convert sunlight into sound, allowing her to hear the solar eclipse.”

The Toronto International Film Festival is less than 3 weeks away and the final batch of films was announced this week! Here’s the updated list of films premiering at this year’s fest.

From Gala Presentations to TIFF Docs to Contemporary World Cinema, here’s every single trailer released so far.

I finally watched Concussion a few weeks ago. I can’t stop thinking about it and Will Smith gave a mind-blowing performance. Have you seen it?

In related news: This interactive piece from the NY Times. 111 N.F.L. Brains, All but one had C.T.E. Timely, informative and really well done.

Garance shared this moving and empowering personal essay, Late Bloomer. “My story has helped me to understand the enormous amount of pressure that is put on women to be mothers, a pressure that I had completely internalized and that I question today.”

5 interview questions that will help you hire better people. These are soooo good!

Trapezing is up there on my list of things I must try. This incredible post (and the accompanying photos) gave me the push to finally make it happen! The day my kids flew.

For the past month, I’ve been getting terrible headaches and muscle pain. This post on why we need magnesium couldn’t have come at a better time.

Joanna recently gave us a tour of her family’s Brooklyn apartment. Such a beautiful, warm and inviting space. Just look at all that natural light!

I’ve been a pretty big fan of grilled cheese since childhood so I’m excited to try this grown-up version: loaded caprese grilled cheese.

Claire shared the recipe for her version of Rhum Corner’s The Jungle Bird cocktail! It looks like the perfect summery drink.

Summer reading update:

A few weeks ago, I picked up Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips and raced through it in two days. A mother and son spend an afternoon at the zoo. As closing time approaches, they hurry to the zoo’s exit. But the mother witnesses something shocking and what she sees has her running for her life and doing everything in her power to protect her son. Beautifully written and well executed.

Earlier this week, I finished E.K. Johnston’s YA novel, Exit, Pursued by a Bear. It’s an engaging and devastating, yet empowering and hopeful story about the captain of a high school cheerleading team who is raped at summer camp. Johnston focuses on how she deals with the aftermath and fights to regain control of her life with the support of family, friends and therapy. Beautifully written, thought provoking, and necessary.

I also just finished Fitness Junkie by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza. I’ve been dying for the release of this one and I’m happy to report it doesn’t disappoint. Laugh-out-loud funny and relatable.

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