Happy weekend + links I love

zack seckler 1

Happy Friday, friends. Got any fun plans for the weekend? It’s shaping up to be a gorgeous spring weekend here. I pulled my leather jacket from the closet this morning and it was the best feeling. I went for a lovely walk this afternoon and everyone I passed just looked so happy. It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for the system. I’m planning on dusting off the rollerblades and hitting the trails tomorrow afternoon. Oh and grabbing some gelato from the little place down the street.

Whatever you’ve got planned, stay safe.

As usual, here are a few fun links I’m loving this week…

+ This aerial photo series took my breath away.

+ For a good laugh: The Adventures of a Lost iPhone.

+ In love with this tour of the Groupon Headquarters in Chicago. Time to perfect those resumes.

+ The verdict is in: Kate Moss is back and better than ever! Hello, fringe.

+ Gorgeous sandals for spring.

+ Motivates me: this post by Haleigh on balancing finances and remaining creative.

+ Also, A Room with a View transported me to Paris.

+ On beauty: Why I Don’t Wear Makeup.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

(Photo from Zack Seckler)