Happy Weekend + Links I Love

Kay Gardner Beltline

Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. I am putting together my spring reading list and I’ll be sharing it with you all on Tuesday!

If you’re looking for some weekend reading, I’ve got you covered with my favourite links…

+ Last night, I started The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and I am already 100 pages in. This is a story that desperately needed to be told. It’s tearing me apart. As I’m reading, I am so overcome with so many emotions that I can’t stop my hands from shaking. All I can think is “this feels so real.” And that’s because it is real; it’s happening every single day. Here’s a great interview she did with Atlanta magazine. I am ecstatic it’s being adapted into a movie!

+ LOVED this essay. The Personal is Political.

+ Emma Roberts has an online book club, Belletrist. I really enjoyed her exclusive interview with Joan Didion about her new book South and West.

+ Will’s incredible profile in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times is so well-deserved!

+ A fascinating long read: ‘London Bridge is down’: the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death. I haven’t read this piece in its entirety, but I will soon.

+ How to Get What You Want (it’s a lot easier than you think). I can definitely relate to  number 3.

+ The Super Bowl Champ, and the Dying Author Who Changed His Life. “Your book ‘Exclamation Mark’ … changed my outlook on life. It taught me that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from—there is a place in this world for you. You just have to stay strong and keep moving forward.”

+ This cake is just so beautiful.

+ Have you heard of Code Switch? It’s an NPR podcast by journalists of colour that launched last year May. Gosh, I’m late.

(Photo snapped by Kay Gardner Beltline last spring.)

Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy weekend, friends! Got any fun plans? Seriously, where is February going? I really wish the year would slow down just a little bit.

Have you filed your taxes yet? I plan on filing mine online this Sunday. I can’t wait to get it out of the way. Also, will you be watching the Oscars? I don’t think I’ve watched any of the movies in the running, but I’ll be tuning in nonetheless. We used to do an Oscars pool at my old workplace and it was so much fun!

Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a good one! If you’re looking for some reading, I’ve got you covered with my favourite links…

+ Watch how movie sound effects are made. Just in time for this Sunday’s Oscars!

+ Sip on these gorgeous lemon raspberry sorbet prosecco floats while watching the big show.

+ The best of New York Fashion Week street style illustrated. Love love love.

+ I discovered Griffin on Instagram this week and I appreciated her super honest post, Loving the Body I Hate. I wrote these words on a Post-It and stuck it on my bathroom mirror: “But, if you struggle with loving your body, like me, remember that love is first an action. One of the best things you can do is act in a way that’s loving to your body, even if your mind is telling you otherwise.”

+ Instagram’s newest feature is without a doubt the best one yet. You can now share up to 10 photos and videos in one post.

+ When everything is not enough. I read this post at the perfect time.

+ This made me laugh. “I want to grow up and be like my mom because I really like her.”

+ This short film is not to be missed: 109-year-old veteran and his secrets to life.

+ I could devour a couple of these beautiful scallion and sesame tuna burgers right about now.

+ Love this monochromatic look.

(Photo from last spring.)

Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy Sunday, everyone. It’s been snowing nonstop since this morning and a foot has fallen already. I plan on making the most of it. How are you spending the rest of the weekend?

If you’re in the mood for some reading, here’s a roundup of my favourite links from around the web this week…

+ The Grammys are on tonight. Will you be watching? Here’s a rundown of what to watch for.

+ This indoor skydiving freestyle routine took my breath away.

+ This photo shoot on Iceland Black Sand Beach is nothing short of magical.

+ Teenagers who vandalized the Asburn Colored School in Virginia sentenced to read. The list of 35 books includes The Color Purple by Alice Walker, Night by Elie Wiesel, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, and The Beautiful Struggle by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

+ Will shared the most stunning photos from his NYE trip to Stockholm.

+ This New York City ballet dancer’s new role is being bad.

+ Pardon my French is one of those podcasts I listen to regularly. This week, Garance had best selling author Jessi Klein on the show.

+ Did you see this story about the flight attendant who saved a young human trafficking victim on an Alaska Airlines flight? “Something in the back of my mind said something was not right. He was well-dressed. That’s what got me because I thought why is he well-dressed and she is looking all dishevelled and out of sorts?”

+ I downloaded this app this week and I can’t wait to try it out. 10 tips for taking an awesome Boomerang. Do you use it?

+ I am heading back to ballet this week after a 5-month break. Halfway through every class, my calf muscles cramp up. I wish I’d known about these tips to avoid or minimize them sooner.

+ Favourites on Instagram: From Reese to Madeline via @reesewitherspoon, Magical morning moments via @thebalancedblonde, Having a princess moment wearing Dior via @songofstyle, Who says you can’t do ballet in a formal gown? via @mystylepill

Reading update:

I am still reading Columbine. I am hoping to finish it tonight.

I’m in the mood for historical fiction so I’m starting The Belly of Paris.

Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy Friday! Can you believe it’s the final weekend of January? It’s cold and grey and snow flurries are on the way. If it’s not too cold out, I plan on checking out the Toronto Light Festival in The Distillery District. It looks like such an amazing event!

Got any fun plans this weekend? As always, I’ve rounded up my favourite links from around the web this week…

+ The right way to fall. “The key is to not fight the fall, but just to roll with it, as paratroopers do.”

+ Real perspectives from the Women’s Marches in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

+ Watch New York City Ballet dancers take over a subway station.

+ A new Netflix documentary series about design is coming in February.

+ LOVING the 2017 Oscar nominations by the numbers.

+ Invisible Wounds. Humans of New York’s new series tells the stories of veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

+ The Taste of Emotion. Dominique Crenn on the poetry of cooking, the power of memory, and rejecting limits for women in the male-dominated culinary industry.

+ Bri shared an amazing Stockholm travel guide.

+ 9 documentaries to add to your must-see list this year.

+ Stay warm with this matcha honey hot chocolate.

Reading update:

I finished Kent Haruf’s Our Souls at Night this week. It was the late author’s final novel and I really enjoyed it.

I’m starting Columbine this weekend.

(Photo snapped in Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens last winter.)

Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy Thursday, everyone! Got any fun weekend plans? Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a good one!

This weekend I’m heading out of town to spend time with family so I am sharing my favourite links from the week a bit earlier than usual. This week’s links are pretty incredible and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…

+ Joanna attended a holiday party at the White House and of course, she shared all the details! I literally squealed when I read this post. Cup of Jo is the one blog I read every day for its informative, uplifting, honest, and “out of the box” posts. Joanna is such a lovely, genuine, and down-to-earth person. I am so happy she was recognized by the Obama Administration for her support, authenticity, hard work, and providing a safe and welcoming space for her readers. (Make sure to scroll down and read the comments.)

+ 10 things you didn’t know about how the NY Times Book Review works.

+ I’ve been dying to see this movie since it premiered at TIFF this September. Also read this great interview with Casey Affleck and writer-director Kenneth Lonergan last month.

+ Nominations for the big award shows were announced this week: Golden Globes 2017 nominations and Screen Actors Guild Awards 2017 nominations.

+ Taza’s post on holiday markets in NYC makes me want to catch the next flight out.

+ How filmmakers make emotions visual. I found this so fascinating!

+ This interactive map lets you listen to radio stations all over the world!

+ Isn’t this drinking buddy bottle opener adorable?! It would make a great stocking stuffer.

+ Watch: Garance and her friends discuss What is French Beauty?

+ This week, Instagram launched its new bookmark function. Here are 7 ways the new feature will benefit beauty and fashion lovers.

+ The 30 most anticipated new TV shows of 2017.  Three words: Big Little Lies.

+ I recently discovered the beautifully curated online shop, Paisley & Sparrow. Each purchase helps survivors of sex trafficking, widows who are HIV positive, women recovering from addictions, and girls who grew up as orphans.

+ Anne launched her 2017 Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge! This will be my third year participating in the challenge and I highly recommend joining in.

+ Favourites from my Instagram feed: Running to the edge of the Boca do Inferno viewpoint in Sete Cidades via @jennifhsieh, Suspended in the treetops of Whistler’s rainforest via @bontraveler, The couple that shoots arrows together, stays together via @halfadams

(Photo snapped during Sunday’s snowstorm.)

Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy weekend, friends and congrats on making it through the week. I made a conscious effort to smile at everyone I can across this week in the elevator, at the supermarket checkout, on the street. It really boosted my mood and I’m pretty sure it did the same for others.

Christmas is in the air! Shop windows are all decorated, Christmas trees are going up all over the city, and stores are playing Christmas tunes. Oh and the Toronto Christmas Market opened last night. It tends to get pretty crowded on the weekends, so I plan on going one evening after work to avoid the long lines. (Admission is free from Tuesday to Friday.) I’m praying that everyone doesn’t have the same idea!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! As always, I’m sharing my favourite links and this week’s links are soooo good! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy…

+ 21 stunning photos of this year’s Supermoon from around the world. Did you see it? Loving #1, #4, #6, #11, #13, #17, 19.

+ Following the election, a New York photographer asked women in Grand Central Station the question: “What now?” The responses were pure gold.

+ Glamour honoured the Stanford sexual assault case survivor at the magazine’s Women of the Year awards.

+ And in case you missed it, the powerful essay she wrote for Glamour‘s  December issue.

+ Did you tune in to BET’s White House Party for the Obamas? Here are the highlights in case you missed it. Oh, and Michelle Obama singing along during Usher’s performance was just priceless. How can you not love them?

+ This movie comes out in a couple of weeks and I am so excited. It won the Platform Prize at the Toronto International Film Festival.

+ I’m always so moved by the stories of those who have benefited or may benefit from The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund. The fund provides direct assistance to those living on the streets, those who can’t afford their medical bills, children suffering from poverty and abuse, and young people looking for jobs, to name a few. A Times reporter reflects on what he learned from writing these stories. This year’s campaign runs through February 2017.

+ A complete timeline of Barack Obama’s most viral moments. Best. thing. ever.

+ A different approach to keeping young offenders out of prison. “Children as young as 13 can be tried in adult criminal court for serious crimes in New York state. But instead of redirecting troubled kids, prison hardens them. That’s why the New York Foundling, a private children’s-advocacy organization, offers an alternative, Families Rising, a diversionary option that mandates family therapy in exchange for delayed sentencing and avoiding a criminal record entirely if the program is completed successfully.”

+ Reflections from Trump’s America. This feature and photos speak volumes.

+ Made me laugh out loud. “My sister moved in, her five cats moved in, and her ex-husband moved in. It’s driving me nuts. My sister watches those murder programs. And her ex-husband is Irish so he keeps talking about the potato famine. He loves that potato famine. Always the potato famine.”

+ 50 necessary reads for your anger and your action.

+ Claire launched a food history podcast and the nerd in me is rejoicing!

+ Favourites from my Instagram feed: Gullfuss is just as magical in the night as it is in the day via @juliahengel, I want to be beautiful but not in the way those girls on the runway or in a magazine via @chevronseclairs, Into the mystic via @jasonincalifornia, Happy Saturday from the CN Tower via @iamsarahgrafferty

Reading update:

I picked up Find Her by Lisa Gardner on a whim one day this week. I read it in a day. A must-read for all the suspense lovers.

This weekend, I’ll finally be reading Where All Light Tends to Go by David Joy.

(Photo snapped on an afternoon walk in Sherwood Park.)

Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy weekend everyone. I hope you had a wonderful week and you’re ready for some rest and relaxation. The weather switched suddenly here in Toronto this week and I actually had to wear layers.

Got any fun plans this weekend? Whatever you end up doing, stay safe! As always, here’s a roundup of my favourite links this week…

+ How to Be Both. “This is what I grew up seeing, so that is what I grew up being: a young adult with a social consciousness to do what I could, and to, at the very least, speak up when I knew something was wrong.”

+ ‘I Live in a Lie’: Saudi Women Speak Up’. The New York Times issued a call-out on their site and on their Twitter to Saudi women, How Has Your Life as a Saudi Woman Changed? The response was overwhelming.

+ Ella shared her thoughts on social media and it was so honest and real. “Social media isn’t there to create a platform from which to try and emulate a stranger or aim for a photo-shopped image of virtual perfection. Don’t forget as you scroll through account after account that no one is or will ever be perfect, the concept of perfect is subjective and lies solely in the eye of the beholder.”

+ Turned down 18 times. Then Paul Beatty won the Booker. Added to my reading list. Have you read it?

+ Imagine a World Without Photography. An interview with Emmy award-winning filmmaker Alexandria Bombach.

+ Pete Wells Has His Knives Out. How the New York Times restaurant critic writes the reviews that make and break restaurants.

+ The perfect fall look in my favourite colour!

+ Zadie Smith: dance lessons for writers. On the connection between writing and dancing: “It feels a little neglected – compared to, say, the relationship between music and prose – maybe because there is something counter-intuitive about it. But for me the two forms are close to each other: I feel dance has something to tell me about what I do. What can an art of words take from the art that needs none? Yet I often think I’ve learned as much from watching dancers as I have from reading.”

+ Everything you hear on film is a lie. A fascinating TED Talk that had me reminiscing about my job in film and television post production.

+ Hellooooo pumpkin nutella hot chocolate.

+ My favourites on Instagram this week: But WHY, Mum, WHY must it be Morphin’ Time? via @evachen212, Soaring high above an ocean of autumnal hues via @brightbazaar, Dear Pretty Little Liars via @halfadams, This will be the drive into our house via @freshexchange

Reading update:

I am currently making my way through Through the Glass by Shannon Moroney.

This weekend I’ll be curling up with Jojo Moyes’s latest, Paris for One and Other Stories.

(Photo snapped in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.)

Happy Weekend + Links I Love



Happy weekend, friends! I hope you had an amazing week. Here in Toronto, the leaves seemed to have changed overnight and my neighbourhood is exploding with yellow, orange, and red. We didn’t have much of a fall last year so I am taking it all in. Fall just might be my favourite season.

Got any fun weekend plans? It’s 66 degrees and sunny today so I plan on taking a walk along the trails and soaking up the vibrant fall colours while I can.

If you’re in the mood for some reading, here’s a roundup of my favourite links this week…

+ In case you missed it earlier this week: The video and full transcript of Michelle Obama’s powerful speech in New Hampshire.

+ Gael García Bernal: The border thriller ‘Desierto’ is what happens when xenophobic hate speech is accepted. I saw this film with a friend when it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last September and we are still talking about it.

+ Bookselling in the 21st Century: On the Difficulty of Recommending Books. “I swing between wanting to press my dearest books into strangers’ hands and wanting to hide. I may as well be handing over a piece of my psyche: here is something important to me, this helped me during a painful time, this made me cry. In opening a book I recommend a person opens a window onto who I am. If they dislike the view it feels like a rejection. I know it is not personal, I know that any interaction with a stranger has minimal effects on us both, and yet the fear lingers, similar to telling someone your real feelings.”

+ Hitting the trails and taking in the beautiful fall foliage is one of my favourite things to do in the fall. A guide to fall colours at Ontario Parks.

+ California Sunday Magazine dedicated its October issue to sound! I really enjoyed: Eating With Your Ears, Faking It, Hollywood Voice Lessons, Fish are Loud, and The Foghorn.

+ Can I get a Nose on This? How one chef deals with not being able to smell. Chef Adam Cole on what he would say to those in his profession who consider his inability to smell a disability: “I say Beethoven was deaf and he made beautiful music. I’m not comparing myself to Beethoven, but there are composers who can’t hear who can write music; there are blind artists who paint pictures. I guess it goes to show there’s a lot more intuition that goes into creating than just our perceived abilities. Technically it may be a disability, but it’s never kept me from doing anything I’ve wanted to.”

+ This bag has WiFi!?! On the wishlist.

+ I’ve been listening to NPR’s newest podcast How I Built This and it’s fascinating. I loved the episodes on Instagram and Vice Media.

+ I hate being on my phone all the time. “Recently, my fingertips have started to feel numb because I’m scrolling so often. Numb! That can’t be good. For me, the phone promotes habitually bad behavior, which, if I had to guess, stops mental expansion.”

+ Watch: The New York Public Library’s Rose Main Reading Room get re-shelved with books in this time lapse.

+ Favourites on Instagram this week: Caved via @halfadams, Frost warning via @scotthwilson, Best Easter egg hunt ever via @iamsarahgrafferty, Desert vibes via @songofstyle, I like big books and I cannot lie via @rosielondoner

Fall reading update:

I flew through Susannah Cahalan’s memoir Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness in two days. I am happy I gave this memoir another chance. Brave, inspiring, captivating, beautifully-told, and it didn’t scare me as much as it did when I first read it years ago. Highly recommend.

This week, I picked up These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf on the recommendation of one of my favourite librarians. I read it in 8 hours. Lyrical, moving, shocking, and unputdownable.

This weekend I’ll be cozying up with I Shall Be Near to You by Erin Lindsay McCabe.

(Photo snapped in my neighbourhood this week.)

Happy {Long} Weekend + Links I Love


Happy weekend! It’s Canadian Thanksgiving and I’m so grateful for an extra day to relax. It’s the perfect fall weekend here―sunshine, blue skies, and a slight chill in the air.

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the hurricane. How are you spending the weekend? If you’re in the mood for some Internet browsing, here are my favourite links this week…

+ I shared my books memoir―my love of reading, book recommendations, and favourite reads over at The Gentlewomen Book Club. It was so much fun. Thanks Cassie! Connect with the Gentlewomen Book Club on Instagram.

+ My friend Vickie, a certified holistic nutritionist made these walnut lentil zucchini boats. I love how she includes the nutritional benefits at the end.

+ Reader’s Guide to This Fall’s Big Book Awards. Given the number of books I’ve read so far this year, I can’t believe I haven’t read any of the finalists yet! Have you read any?

+ I love getting The Daily Skimm in my inbox every morning. Scroll down for a phone interview with Vice President Joe Biden about Domestic Violence Awareness Act and his campus sexual assault awareness campaign, It’s On Us.

+ And Obama just signed a Bill of Rights for Survivors of Sexual Assault. “The act ensures that survivors won’t have to pay for rape-kit testing and that they will be notified 60 days before their kit is set to be destroyed, among other things.”

+ ‘Homeland’ Cast, Crew Tour 9/11 Museum Ahead of Season 6 Premiere. I need to catch up on seasons 4 and 5 before January 15.

+ Sarah Jessica Parker and Ta-Nehisi Coates, on new literary paths. Sarah Jessica Parker: “I have always loved to read for the same reason I love to act,” she says, “which is that other people’s stories are more interesting to me than my own.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates: “It was very hard to write ‘Between the World and Me.’ I don’t mean the craft, although of course the craft is hard. I mean that it takes a toll on you emotionally. You need to go in another direction every once in a while. He chuckles. “‘Black Panther’ is where I go to play.”

+ 10 bitter foods to try today to improve digestion.

+ Child Brides Learn to Take Portraits of Each Other. So incredibly moving.

+ Hilary Clinton faces her toughest interviewer yet―11-year old Marley Dias. On the first book she ever saw herself in: “When I was young, I really identified with Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, particularly the character of Jo. The book was written at a time when there weren’t as many options for women and girls as there are now. I loved that she wasn’t afraid to chart her own course. I remember reading that book and thinking, I want to be like that when I grew up.”

+ These eye-opening images of the U.S.-Mexico border. “Every year, an estimated 350 million people legally cross the border, with some 400,000 entering into the United States illegally.”

+ My favourites on Instagram this week: I feel like I could get some work done in a place like this via @annebogel, A taste of Fall seasoned with a dash of altitude via @erubes1, I do think this is Ontario’s prettiest season via @lisatant, Tonight’s dance partner via @iamsarahgrafferty

In case you missed it earlier this week, I shared the 5 books I can’t stop recommending AND my Fall 2016 reads. Happy fall reading!

Reading update:

I’m working my way through Michelle Obama: A Life. I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favourite reads of the year.

On Thursday, I started Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ by Giulia Enders. Who knew the gut could be so fascinating? Engaging, funny, and easy to digest. I am learning a lot and making notes. Everyone needs to read this book!

Last night, I picked up Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan and I can’t put it down. It’s my pick for “a book I previously abandoned” for the MMD Reading Challenge. I read it years ago but stopped halfway as it frightened me. I’m in a better place now to see it through till the end.

Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy Saturday everyone. I hope you had a good week. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed it’s been a busy and exciting week complete with movie premieres and celebrity sightings (Gerard Butler, Justin Timberlake, Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson!) The film fest ends tomorrow; I had the best time and met so many people. I’m pretty exhausted from all the running around so I plan on curling up on the couch with my latest read.

Got any exciting plans? If you’re looking to catch up on some reading, here’s a roundup of my favourite links this week…

+ An incredibly helpful post from Village Juicery on the anxiety-anemia connection. “While anemia is not generally the cause of mental health issues, many symptoms of anemia may present as mental health-like in nature, including chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, energy loss, chest palpitations, insomnia and/or restless sleep, and so on.”

+ Bookmarking: 10 underrated travel spots you should book a flight to asap.

+ What Nobody Told Me: The Thrills and Perils of My First Fashion Week. “Back on Day 1, I was eyes so bright and tail so bushy as I hurried to my first-ever runway show, Hellessy. By the time I arrived, five minutes before its 2 p.m. start time, I was sweating profusely from the hot, broken subway – a physiological state I’d scarcely shake for the next week – and from running several blocks to Pier 59 out of fear of being late.”

TIFF captures a moment in the Festival experience of filmmakers, talent, and programmers using an iPhone 7. Pretty stunning.

+ Amy Adams reflects on her character in Quebecois director Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi drama, Arrival. “Any time you get a character that is well developed and emotionally vulnerable and yet intellectual… it’s a real gift as an actress. Because, it a reflection of what women are to me. They’re not one thing. They’re not purely intellectually, they’re not purely vulnerable. They’re fully fleshed out human beings. And to see that reflected so beautifully was a pleasure.”

+ Soooo many celebrity sightings during TIFF 16. My favourites from the red carpet: Leo at the premiere of his doc The Turning Point, Scarlett Johansson at the premiere of Sing, Colin Firth’s surprise appearance at the premiere of his film Loving, Tom Ford at the premiere of his film Nocturnal Animals, Ryan Gosling at the premiere of La La Land, Matt Damon at the premiere of his film Manchester By the Sea, Justin Timberlake at the premiere of JT & The Tennessee Kids, Gerard Butler at the premiere of The Headhunter’s Calling.

+ Architecture that’s built to heal. This TED Talk landed in my inbox this week. Such an innovative and inspiring concept!

+ What happens when there’s only one public defender in town. “Every Wednesday, she makes an all-day trip to the infamous Angola prison to meet with clients. Every other night, she visits inmates at the local jail. Every weekend, she works.”

+ I’ll be whipping up this layered chocolate, banana, and date shake this weekend.

+ Fall movie release schedule. I highly recommend watching Desierto which I caught during last year’s TIFF. An edge-of-your-seat thriller for sure. I can’t wait for The Dressmaker, Deepwater Horizon, The Accountant, American Pastoral, Arrival, Elle, Shut In, Manchester By the Sea, and Patriots Day.

+ Instagram favourites this week: In the running community, there’s a saying that goes – if you can’t race, you cheer via @melsays, Mission to Mars: Complete via @lesspressed, Fastest way to fashion week via @ iamsarahgrafferty, After hiking ten miles across the lava field via @brightbazaar

Summer reading update:

+ Last Sunday night I started The Making of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman. The manager at my neighbourhood bookstore recommended it to me last year. I am so happy I finally picked it up. Soooo good!

+ Last night I started Noah Hawley’s new thriller Before The Fall. From the very first page, I was hooked. Vivid, dramatic, beautifully-written and perfectly paced; I am already halfway through. It’s like watching a movie you wish would go on forever.

(Photo snapped at the premiere of The Secret Scripture.)