Happy {Long} Weekend + Links I Love

Fresh summer fruit

Happy weekend everyone! I got back from Florida on Tuesday night and I’m still fighting jet lag.

I’ve been dreaming about Ontario peaches all week long. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a farmers’ market downtown and stocked up on my favourite summer fruit! This weekend, I’m hopping the ferry over to Toronto Islands for rollerblading and relaxing by the water. It’s the perfect way to get away from the city without actually leaving the city.

Got any fun weekend plans? Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a wonderful time. As always, a few of my favourite links this week…

+ Love this post on the most buzzworthy summer foods in NYC!

+ Summer weekend getaway to Bruce County has me planning my next road trip. Watch the video here!

+ Glamour x The Tig: Speak Up. “Even after eight years of public speaking practice before I shared my story with over 15,000 people at WE Day, my knees felt like Jell-O and my heart pounded out of my chest. However, regardless of how I felt, I embraced the fear and remembered that it was my responsibility to have the courage and determination to raise my voice.” I can definitely relate to this after sharing my cancer story at Toronto Relay For Life back in June. My hands wouldn’t stop shaking and I got all emotional, but it was 150% worth it!

+ A great reminder: We have permission to rest.

+ ‘Staten Island will not forget my father’: An interview with Erica Garner. On what she’d be doing if she weren’t being a civil rights activist: “I found my calling. I’ve been searching for years trying to figure out what I want to do. Now that this happened to my dad and people are so eager to hear the message that I’m sending, I’ve found my calling and it uplifts me and it helps me a lot.”

+ The most stunning photos on an Idaho ranch. Also loving Julia’s striped off-the-shoulder top!

+ Long read for your weekend: Chef David Chang’s unified theory of deliciousness. “The Momofuku Pork Bun was our first dish that consistently got this kind of reaction. It was an 11th-hour addition, a slapped-together thing. I took some pork belly, topped it with hoisin sauce, scallions, and cucumbers, and put it inside some steamed bread. I was just making a version of my favorite Peking duck buns, with pork belly where the duck used to be. But people went crazy for them. Their faces melted. Word spread, and soon people were lining up for these buns.” I recently had the pleasure of trying the Momofuku Pork Bun from Momofuku Noodle Bar here in Toronto.

+ This article from Stanford Medicine is well worth the read. Come together: How social support aids physical health. “Social connection, especially in the face of illness, I think is a very powerful ally. It helps us manage our stress responses, it helps our bodies do better and helps us to help one another get through life-threatening situations. It makes complete sense.”

+ Summery treat: Acai waffle sundae.

+ Because I am feeling peachy these days: The S’meach cocktail and pineapple peach agua fresca!

+ And just in case you missed it: Michelle Obama’s emotional speech at the Democratic National Convention.

+ Favourites on Instagram this week: Expect the unexpected via @muenchmax, In awe of it all via @laurenswells, Last night Michelle Obama electrified much of America, but there’s at least one person who wasn’t thrilled via @jordanmatter, Forward looking via @extensionmethod, The ocean spray is my fountain of youth via @erubes1, Another round via @lesspressed.

Summer reading update:

On Sunday, I started reading Noah Hawley’s suspense-filled psychological novel, The Good Father and I’m almost done. Unputdownable, beautifully told, utterly heartbreaking, and incredibly realistic.

I am also making my way through A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams. I am a huge fan of all her historical novels.

Last night, I picked up Food and the City by Ina Yalof and I am in love. A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the people who make up the heart and soul of New York’s food world—professional chefs, restaurateurs, line cooks, food vendors, and purveyors.

(Photo snapped at the farmers’ market downtown yesterday evening.)

Happy Long Weekend + Links I Love

Adventures in Sherwood Forest

Happy Saturday everyone and happy Victoria Day long weekend to all the Canadian readers! It’s shaping up to be a beautiful, sunny one (Today is 72 degrees Fahrenheit!) On Monday, I’ll be meeting up with friends at Woodbine Beach for some fun in the sun — picnic, games, and fireworks. Hellooooo summer!

What are you up to this weekend? Hope you have a good one! As always, here are the links I loved this week…

+ Over the past two weeks, Humans of New York has been sharing stories from the Pediatrics Department at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Thanks to 90,000 kindhearted people, they raised nearly $3.4 million to help the team at Sloan Kettering fight pediatric cancer!

+ I was blown away by the attitude and courage of these children: Grace’s story and Gabe’s story.

+ How free is our freedom of the press? This powerful and thought-provoking TED Talk landed in my inbox yesterday.

+ Elsie and Emma’s brand new shop, Oui Fresh launched this week! I need the Brunch Club tee and the Good Vibes tank.

+ Story is so powerful. Grace shared hers on Life with Type 1 Diabetes: Finding my new “normal” and embracing a new chapter. On her diagnosis: “the shock was real and immediate. It led to the darkest period of my life so far and, thankfully, after five months of crying, yelling, therapy, exercise, change, lots of dog walks (above) and just letting go, I’ve come to accept that this could be an invitation to one of the brightest and most meaningful chapters of my life.”

+ Summer travel: Delta is now pre-loading hand luggage for especially full flights.

+ Bookmarking the 8 best mobile flight tracker apps.

+ Loved this interview: Blake Lively talks hair, make-up, fashion, and the importance of self-worth in women.

+ Fashion truths: You are not the only one who feels this way. #4, #6, and #11!

+ These citrus stained glass popsicles are perfect for summer picnics.

+ Favourites from my Instagram feed: Patio season via @ earlybirdbrew,  My view from Ponte dei Sospiri aka the Bridge of Sighs via @songofstyle, These pants say: cross me and I’ll cut you via @margaret_zhang, Earlier this month I returned to my alma mater via @jordanmatter

Spring reading update:

I finished Love in Lowercase earlier this week. A charming and funny read.

I’m making my way through Chris Pavone’s The Accident. I can’t put it down.

Also re-reading one of my favourite beach reads, The Summer of Good Intentions by Wendy Francis.

(Photo from my adventures in Sherwood Park earlier this week.)

Happy {Easter} Weekend + Links I Love

First sunset of spring

Happy Easter weekend everyone! It’s shaping up to be a beautiful one with lots of sunshine here in Toronto. It’s also my birthday weekend and I’ll celebrating at brunch with two of my closest friends on Sunday morning. How are you spending the long weekend?

I hope you have a beautiful weekend and try not to eat too many Easter eggs! As always, here’s a roundup of the links I’m loving lately…

+ The Easter basket gets a makeover. Loving the metallic bubble mailers and gold bar boxes.

+ Garance’s thoughts on famousness made me laugh. “That moment when you sit down at a cafe and someone from the cafe recognizes you, and without saying anything, they start sending out slices of apple pie, chocolate eclairs, and extra coffees, and shooting you knowing looks the whole time. You’re not sure how to thank them, but you can’t help but stuff yourself with all the treats.”

+ A makeup artist shares quick fixes for common makeup mistakes.

+ Watch: President Obama and Misty Copeland sat down to have a conversation about race, gender, and activism.

+ Humans of New York founder takes on Donald Trump. Stanton on his decision to speak out: “I saw my decision as a trade-off between upsetting people and making a strong moral statement.”

+ LaurenConrad.com got a brand new look and I am loving it. Also really loving her style guide on how to wear mixed metallics.

+ Closing apps to save your battery only makes things worse. Good to know. Try these tips instead: “Turn down your screen brightness. Turn off background refresh for apps. Use Low Power Mode in iOS, or enable Doze on Android.”

+ Ask a French girl about her job. Such an eye-opening interview.

+ Meghan on World Water Day and her recent trip to Rwanda.

+ This infographic shows us where access to clean water is getting better and worse.

+ This Lucky Peach feature: Checking in with Daniel Giusti and Brigaid. “Last night, Noma’s former head chef Daniel Giusti stood before the New London, Connecticut Board of Education to make the case for BrigAid, his new project that will bring chefs into schools. He received the green light. The pilot program will see six chefs each take over one of the schools in the small district. BrigAid will pay them salaries of $60,000, plus benefits.”

+ Favourite Instagrams lately: Harper has daddy stitching her dollies dresses via @victoriabeckham, Matchmaker via @rclayton, Great views of Seville from the top of the Metropol Parasol via @steph_gray31, Bad, bold and resilient via @gretaconstantine, Urban orange grove vibes via @saralongsworth

+ In case you missed it, I shared the 15 books I’ll be reading this spring.

Spring reading update:

+ On Monday, I finished Tiny Little Thing by Beatriz Williams and absolutely loved it. I’m making my way through all her books.

+ I am halfway through The Twelve Tribes of Hattie and really enjoying it.

+ This weekend, I’ll be picking up The Language of Flowers. This one has been on my to-be-read list for years.

Finally, my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the attack in Brussels earlier this week.

(Photo snapped on my Sunday evening walk on the first day of Spring.)

Happy {Long} Weekend + Links I Love

Inside Out

Happy Sunday everyone and happy thanksgiving weekend to all the Canadian readers! After braving the chilly temps and crowds for the sake of art last weekend, I’ll be keeping cozy on the couch this weekend. I finished The Girl You Left Behind earlier this week and I am a bit sad. I just didn’t want the story to end. Also, I’m still working my way through The Martian. And now that I’ve watched the movie (go see it!), the book is even more vivid and thrilling.

Got any fun plans? As always, I’m sharing a bunch of great links for your weekend browsing…

+ When we feel overwhelmed by all the needs. “We don’t have to do everything. We only need to do our part.” A great reminder.

+ The Uncondemned, a documentary by filmmakers Nick Louvel and Michele Mitchell is slated to debut at the Hamptons international film festival. “Both film-makers were passionate about the film’s message that mass rape is often a pre-meditated tool, not a spontaneous prize, of war.”

+ A peek at the backstage food at New York Fashion Week.

+ Loved this interview with stylist Ayanna James.

+ Awesome DIY: These abstract painted pumpkins.

+ Super cute combat boots. Found!

+ Made space on my coffee table for Humans of New York: Stories. It’s out on Tuesday!

+ And finally, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Take action against breast cancer. Go for screening. Get support. Give generously. Text NINE to 45678 and donate $10 to fight breast cancer. Canadian residents ONLY. Find out more at http://cancer.ca/fightbreastcancer

Fall reading update:

+ As mentioned above, I’m still reading The Martian. I highly recommend you pick it up!

+ Up next on the reading list: Small Mercies by Eddie Joyce.

(Photo of NY-based artist JR’s Inside Out project snapped at City Hall during Nuit Blanche.)

Happy {Canada Day} Weekend + Links I Love

canada day

Happy Saturday, everyone and a Happy Canada Day weekend to all my Canadian readers! From the Toronto Ribfest to World Pride celebrations to impressive fireworks, there’s no shortage of fun activities to take you through the weekend. How will you be celebrating Canada’s birthday this year?

If you’re spending time vegging out on the couch, here’s a roundup of links to keep you company:

+ I just discovered The Lively Show and I’m overjoyed! In this episode,  Jess interviews one of my favourite food bloggers, Joy Wilson (aka Joy the Baker).

+ I love this quote and the inspirational post surrounding it. Never lose faith!

+ As a regular at Banh Mi Boys Sandwich Shop here in Toronto, I am so happy I stumbled across Molly’s recipe for these beautiful Banh Mi Hot Dogs.

+ Editor-in-Chief at US Elle Robbie Myers shares her thoughts on Chime for Change.

+ A diamond as big as the sun was discovered this week.

+ It’s Ted Radio Hour time: How sampling and borrowing make us all innovators.

+ Virgin Atlantic shed a whopping 300 lbs by slimming down meal trays.

+ 30 Days of Social Media Free Socializing. Are you up for the challenge?

+ Making a difference: A great reminder that the littlest acts of kindness often make the deepest impact on the lives of others.

+ Summer sips: Guava, pineapple and passion fruit in a summer sangria? Pour me a glass, please!

+ Have you seen the first Hunger Games: Mockingjay teaser? It’s pretty creepy.

+ A roundup of the best summer festivals in Ontario.

+ The perfect little black dress for warm summer days.

+ Tommy Ton brings us the best street style snaps from Men’s Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015.

+ A trip to Lake Como just shot to the top of my bucket list thanks to Rosie’s breathtaking travel photo diary.

Cheers to tons of sunshine-filled days ahead!

(Photo from Canada Keep Exploring)


Happy {Victoria Day} Weekend + Links I Love

vancouver island

Happy Friday, everyone and Happy Victoria Day weekend to all my Canadian readers. Got any exciting plans? I’m hoping and praying for sunny skies for our picnic in the park on Monday.

If you’re staying indoors this weekend, here are a few lovely links to help pass the time.

+ I hope High Park’s cherry blossoms stick around until Monday. The pretty pink blossoms form the perfect backdrop for a summer picnic.

+ May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. With beach days on the horizon, let Alison’s story be a reminder to practice sun safety. Slap on the sunscreen, wear a big hat and steer clear of tanning beds.

+ Also, The New Rules for Sunscreen and signs and symptoms of melanoma.

+ I’ve never been to Paris but it tops my list of places to visit. Carin’s beautiful Instagram photos make me feel like I’m there.

An oh so lovely post: I went to Paris and Fell In Love…With Myself.

+ In my opinion, Blake Lively deserves the prize for the best dressed at the Cannes opening ceremony. Also thought Zoe Saldana, Nicole Kidman, and Masami Nagasawa looked pretty classy.

+ Must-watch: The letter that survived 9/11 warmed my heart. The infamous letter now calls the 9/11 Memorial Museum (which opened its doors yesterday) home.

+ Favourite Collaboration: Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere teams up with Club Monaco.

+ This relationships post on The Everygirl came at the perfect time.

+ Spaghetti Marinara with Poached Eggs sounds perfect for a weekday dinner.

+ Paris Letters just jumped to the top of my summer reading list. The author Janice MacLeod on Paris Letters: “After 110 years of writing junk mail in advertising, I devised an exit strategy to finance my own sabbatical. When I met my financial goal, I skipped town and traveled with nothing more than my suitcase and a small set of watercolors. Along the way, I painted letters about my travels and mailed them to friends.” Sounds like a dream to me!

+ Stock up on summer reads: Don’t miss out on the closing sale at the Chapters John and Richmond location. All books are 50% off until May 31.

Hope your weekend is beautiful!

(Stunning photo of Vancouver Island via Canada Keep Exploring)