Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy February, everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far. How are you spending it? This evening, I’m meeting friends for a Winterlicious dinner followed by the Toronto Light Festival in the Distillery District.

Hope you have a good one! As always, I’m sharing my favourite links with you…

+ Loved reading this so, so much. Harry Belafonte Knows a Thing or Two About New York. “It’s my last chance to say whatever I feel the need to say. And I think I’m formulating what that utterance should be. What have I not said that needs to be said more forcefully and more precisely? There are times we mute ourselves, we censor ourselves because we have this false pride, this need to be liked. Rather than worry about being liked, are you telling the truth, putting your best foot forward?”

+ Have you heard about Sincerely, X? TED and Audible debuted this audio series this week that features speakers sharing revealing stories anonymously.

+ Speaking of TED Talks, this one: My son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story landed in my inbox this week. I am currently reading Columbine so I found it quite timely.

+ I am loving this new literary lifestyle magazine.

+ Tips for handling difficult conversations online. We need this more than ever these days.

+ Airbnb’s CEO offers free housing to refugees. Interested in helping? You can make a donation here.

+ These words from the head of communications for the UN Refugee Agency: “My job is to make people care about the sixty million displaced people in the world. I wish I could tell every single one of their stories. Because if people knew their stories, I don’t think there would be so many walls. And there wouldn’t be so many people drowning in the seas.”

+ These caramelized banana, Nutella, and candied pecan pancakes make me so happy!

+ This strawberry milkshake cake is almost too pretty to eat.

+ 6 favourite Brooklyn restaurants.

Reading update:

I am slowly making my way through Columbine by Dave Cullen. It’s a difficult, well-executed read that belongs on everyone’s reading list!

I am also reading Tracy K. Smith’s memoir Ordinary Light and I can’t put it down. She reflects on race, faith, family, her childhood in Northern California, her relationship with her mother, and her journey to becoming a writer. Beautifully written, thoughtful, and engaging.


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