Jason Priestley: A Memoir


Jason Priestley: A Memoir by Jason Priestley

Three years ago, I had the honour of observing actor-director Jason Priestley when he did the post production for Cas & Dylan here in Toronto. I remember being impressed by his focus and dedication to his craft.

Two years ago, I attended his book signing at Chapters Indigo.

This past weekend I came across his memoir sitting on my bookshelf. I read it in a day. He talks candidly about his childhood in Vancouver, his nine years on FOX’s hit TV series Beverly Hills 90210, and shares anecdotes from working actors he’s met along the way (Brad Pitt! Ashley Judd! Johnny Depp! Bradley Cooper!)

He doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff like his brush with the law and brief stint in a halfway house or his devastating accident at the Kentucky Speedway (He crashed his race car into a wall at 187 miles an hour.)

Honest, witty, humorous, and wise.


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