Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy first weekend of December, everyone! Giving season is here and I shared this post on ways you can give back this holiday season. I still haven’t made it to the Christmas Market yet, but I just might check it out this weekend. I’m suddenly in the mood for mulled wine and Christmas decorations!

Got any fun plans this weekend? If you’re looking for some weekend reading, I’ve got you covered with my favourite links…

+ This is the best: Actors on Actors. Actors behind the year’s most talked-about movies in candid conversation with one another.

+ The trailer for Big Little Lies is here!

+ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks beauty, femininity and feminism. When asked if she considers fashion and makeup entry points to a wider audience, she said: “I decided to do this No7 thing because I thought it might be fun, and then they will give me free makeup. And I’m always up for free things. It wasn’t a carefully calculated thing. It was actually just my being blinded by the selfish overwhelming love of makeup.”

+ The holiday gift guides are rolling in. Joanna always puts together the most thoughtful gift guides.

+ So are the best of 2016 lists! The Guardian asked writers to pick their best books of the year. Here’s part one and part two.

+ 8 ways to embrace the Danish art of Hygge this winter. “With hygge being such an embedded part of Danish culture, perhaps it’s no surprise that, despite winters with only six hours of daylight and temperatures dipping below -30 C (-22 F), the Danes are ranked as some of the happiest people in the world.”

+ Must read: Instagram Grandpa’s art carries his love across the world. A sweet, inspiring story. (I just started following his account.)

+ When food banks say no to sugary junk, schools offer a solution. The founder of Food Bus, a non-profit that connects schools with food banks “arranged to have the students start collecting their unopened leftovers instead of throwing them away. She also arranged to purchase extra refrigerators to store the perishable items. Once a week the students haul all the food they’ve collected over to the food pantry to be distributed.”

+ I am a huge fan of America Ferrera. The outspoken actress shares how a triathlon helped her defy her inner critic.

+ One author on why you should avoid reading the flap copy. “With no background information to rely on, I found myself paying closer attention and reading more attentively. Hunting for clues in the author’s words rather than those of the Publicity team who promoted the book. It felt like a complete journey.”

+ Foodism Toronto has a print edition! I grabbed a complimentary copy this week and I am loving it.

+ Favourites from my Instagram feed this week: NOOOO, DADDY, WHYYYYYYY via @evachen212, The magic of New York City during the holidays never gets old via @brightbazaar, Party for one via @davekennedy_

Reading update:

I See You by British author, Clare Mackintosh came out in Canada on Tuesday and of course, I ran out and bought a copy right away. I loved the detailed look at police procedure and the investigation. I enjoyed the rapport between the detectives. I stayed up late last night to finish it and I can’t stop thinking about it. Mackintosh explored serious issues and she’s encouraged me to be more careful while walking around the city and riding the subway.

(Photo snapped while sipping on Davids Tea’s chocolate covered almond tea latte this week.)


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