Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy weekend everyone! I hope you had an amazing week. This week has been crazy busy! TIFF kicked off on Thursday and yesterday evening I checked out the red carpet for American Pastoral and Snowden. I am catching up on sleep today. Tomorrow, I’m going rollerblading down by the waterfront and soaking up the last of summer.

Got any plans or just going with the flow? However you end up spending the weekend, I hope you enjoy and stay safe. If you’re in the Internet reading mood, I rounded up my favourite links from this week for you to check out…

+ You know it’s TIFF16 when you spot Danny Glover lounging on a Toronto street planter. This made my day.

+ Fashion month kicked off in New York on Thursday. T Magazine breaks down the names and numbers behind fashion’s main event—from the designers and where they work to the number of shows in each fashion capital. All You Need to Know About Fashion Week.

+ No need to reply. It tells this person, “I know you’re teetering on the brink of content overload and to-do list overwhelm—just like me—but you don’t have to add even a simple ‘Thanks – got it!’ or ‘Will do!’ to your mental to-do list. I just needed to pass on this information. You’re free to move on with your day.”

+ Guide to healthy poop. Best. post. ever.

+ How having a dog changed my life in prison. “For two decades, I’d lived life around nothing but angry inmates and vindictive corrections officers. Up until that point, touching another living thing took place in the context of bloody fights, degrading pat-downs, and dignity-crushing strip searches. Here I stood now with that little creature nuzzling up against me.”

+ Geoffrey’s post is just the sweetest! The moment I knew Emily was the one.

+ A science-backed guide to taking truly restful breaks. “Crucially, the right kind of break provided a protective buffer against this link between work demands and fatigue. Which kind of break was this? Only relaxation and social break activities had any benefit. Cognitive activities during work breaks actually made fatigue worse, likely because reading websites or checking emails taxes many of the same mental processes that we use when we’re working.”

+ Listen: For those who ‘worked the pile’ at Ground Zero, horrors of Sept. 11 haven’t faded. “Nolan and hundreds of construction workers like him found themselves stopping work and stepping down from their rigs when they caught sight of bodies in the rubble.”

+ You’re how old? We’ll be in touch. “Being part of a mixed-age team can be challenging. Betsy Martens was 55 when she landed a job as an information architect at a start-up during the heady days of the tech boom. Decades older than most of the staff, she found it invigorating. “When it came time to talk about the music we loved, the books we’d read, the movies we saw and the life experiences we’d had, we were on different planets, but we were all open-minded enough to find these differences intriguing,” she told me. Things shifted during an argument with her boss, “when he said exasperatedly, ‘You sound just like my mother.’ That was the moment the pin pricked the balloon.”

+ This September Sangria looks sooooo refreshing.

+ Vanilla birthday cake with whipped chocolate buttercream. Oh dear.

+ Favourites on Instagram: I have the hat and the binder. Must be the real deal via @halfadams, Breakfast with the birds, I just want the view they can keep the worms via @erubes1, I have always been one of the girls that played every sport growing up via @melsays

Summer reading update:

I’m making my way through Unbecoming by Rebecca Scherm and Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.

This weekend I’ll be starting The Making of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman.

(Photo snapped while devouring these incredible pulled duck tacos from Heirloom Toronto’s food truck.)


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