Happy Long Weekend + Links I Love

Adventures in Sherwood Forest

Happy Saturday everyone and happy Victoria Day long weekend to all the Canadian readers! It’s shaping up to be a beautiful, sunny one (Today is 72 degrees Fahrenheit!) On Monday, I’ll be meeting up with friends at Woodbine Beach for some fun in the sun — picnic, games, and fireworks. Hellooooo summer!

What are you up to this weekend? Hope you have a good one! As always, here are the links I loved this week…

+ Over the past two weeks, Humans of New York has been sharing stories from the Pediatrics Department at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Thanks to 90,000 kindhearted people, they raised nearly $3.4 million to help the team at Sloan Kettering fight pediatric cancer!

+ I was blown away by the attitude and courage of these children: Grace’s story and Gabe’s story.

+ How free is our freedom of the press? This powerful and thought-provoking TED Talk landed in my inbox yesterday.

+ Elsie and Emma’s brand new shop, Oui Fresh launched this week! I need the Brunch Club tee and the Good Vibes tank.

+ Story is so powerful. Grace shared hers on Life with Type 1 Diabetes: Finding my new “normal” and embracing a new chapter. On her diagnosis: “the shock was real and immediate. It led to the darkest period of my life so far and, thankfully, after five months of crying, yelling, therapy, exercise, change, lots of dog walks (above) and just letting go, I’ve come to accept that this could be an invitation to one of the brightest and most meaningful chapters of my life.”

+ Summer travel: Delta is now pre-loading hand luggage for especially full flights.

+ Bookmarking the 8 best mobile flight tracker apps.

+ Loved this interview: Blake Lively talks hair, make-up, fashion, and the importance of self-worth in women.

+ Fashion truths: You are not the only one who feels this way. #4, #6, and #11!

+ These citrus stained glass popsicles are perfect for summer picnics.

+ Favourites from my Instagram feed: Patio season via @ earlybirdbrew,  My view from Ponte dei Sospiri aka the Bridge of Sighs via @songofstyle, These pants say: cross me and I’ll cut you via @margaret_zhang, Earlier this month I returned to my alma mater via @jordanmatter

Spring reading update:

I finished Love in Lowercase earlier this week. A charming and funny read.

I’m making my way through Chris Pavone’s The Accident. I can’t put it down.

Also re-reading one of my favourite beach reads, The Summer of Good Intentions by Wendy Francis.

(Photo from my adventures in Sherwood Park earlier this week.)


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