Merry Christmas + Links I Love

Christmas Tree

I’m off to New York for Christmas vacation and I’ve been googling NYC restaurants and attractions all week long. If you live in the city, I’d really appreciate any recommendations for must-try restaurants and cafes.

What’s everyone got planned for Christmas day? Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have an amazing holiday! As always, here’s a roundup of my¬† favourite links this week…

+ The Rockettes on what makes them kick. Logan Reginato says, The Christmas Spectacular is incredibly difficult for us Rockettes, but so rewarding. We do up to 300 kicks per show, sometimes up to five shows per day.”

+ Loved this New York Times piece (complete with graphics!) on The Art of Turning Around an Airplane.

+ A nutcracker life. Behind the scenes with the New York City Ballet as the company gets ready for its month-long journey performing the magical holiday staple.

+ A refreshing holiday drink: Sparkling Pear Apple Cider Sangria!

+ A fascinating TED Talk by sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor: An underwater art museum, teeming with life. “But over the years, I’ve realized that the greatest thing about what we do, the really humbling thing about the work, is that as soon as we submerge the sculptures, they’re not ours anymore, because as soon as we sink them, the sculptures, they belong to the sea.”

+ In case you missed it: Yesterday, I shared my winter 2016 reads. First up, Tales from the Back Row by Amy Odell. I’ll be reading this one on the plane tomorrow!

+ I’ll be sharing photos on Instagram, so feel free to follow along @donzwebb.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I’m off to finish packing.:)

(Photo snapped at Nathan Phillips Square.)

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