Happy Weekend + Links I Love

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Happy weekend! The temperatures took a nosedive this week so I’ve been keeping warm with cupfuls of honeycrisp apple tea (a new seasonal favourite!) Nuit Blanche, the annual sunset-to-sunrise contemporary art festival is on tonight. I haven’t been in years, but tonight I’m bundling up, meeting up with friends, walking around the city, and soaking in all the cool art exhibitions. Also, I’m on a mission to finish The Martian before watching the movie tomorrow afternoon.

What are you up to this weekend? If you’re spending it indoors, these links would make for perfect weekend reading. Enjoy!

+ Just in case you decide to brave the cold tonight: What to see at Nuit Blanche this year.

+ A Cup of Jo is killing it with the profiles. Caroline’s fascinating Q&A with food writer and restaurant critic Ruth Reichl. On what she struggles with in the kitchen: “In our culture, we’ve made people think they should be chefs, but that’s crazy. I look at chefs who are chopping and go, oh, my knife skills are terrible.”

+ The Martian’s Andy Weir on why he loves Mars but doesn’t want to go there. “I write about brave people, I’m not one of them.”

+ My inner nerd really appreciates these 20 words that aren’t in the dictionary yet. I’m going to practice using ‘sprummer’ in a sentence.

+ Sushi making 101.

+ New York Times Magazine offers advice on how to hold a stranger’s baby.

+ Jeb Bush declares war on stuff: “Make no mistake: I will not sit idly by when stuff happens if there’s stuff we can do about that stuff. In a Bush Administration there will be a zero-tolerance policy on stuff.”

+ Comfort food at its finest: simple baked Italian oregano meatballs.

+ Everything must go. Garance on her closet-cleaning process: “My relationship with clothes is always evolving, and I really like the idea of reselling, donating, and giving a second life to things. More and more, I have a hard time with consumerism and waste. I don’t know, it’s like a bad meal. It makes me feel heavy without filling me up.”

+ Fall reading update: I’m alternating between The Martian by Andy Weir and The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes. I finished half of The Girl You Left Behind while sitting in the hospital waiting room yesterday afternoon. It’s the perfect reading material for long waits.

+ In case you missed it: the 12 books on my reading list this fall. What are you reading lately?

Have a lovely weekend!

(Photo snapped while strolling through The Financial District.)


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