Happy Weekend + Links I Love

buildings in financial district

Happy first weekend of fall! Here in Toronto, we’ve enjoyed beautiful sunny days and crisp fall evenings all week. To embrace the new season, I plan on checking out the weekend long Fall Fest in my neighbourhood.

Got any fun plans? Do you look forward to fall each year as much as I do? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Whatever you end up doing this weekend, I hope it’s memorable. As always, here are the links I’m loving lately…

+ The Toronto audience has spoken: Room wins the People’s Choice Award at TIFF. I loved the book and I am happy to hear the movie is worth watching.

+ Scenes from a Human Flood: A haunting photo essay by Paolo Pellegrin of The New York Times Magazine. “When Paolo Pellegrin visited Lesbos in early September, as many as 20,000 migrants were waiting for the registration papers that would allow them to continue their journey to the European mainland, a once-quick process that can now take as long as two weeks. As they wait, many of the migrants sleep in municipal parks or vacant lots or along the island’s tourist-filled promenades, without access to toilets or running water.”

+ A great list of healthy living podcasts. Bookmarked!

+ Laying Waste. “Nearly six kilograms: that’s how much food my household threw out in the first week of our new waste-monitoring regimen. Divided by four (I have a husband and two preteen daughters), it works out to one and a half kilograms each per week. As a family, we were wasting a whopping 312 kilograms per year.”

+ Spring runway beauty: At Etro, Beauty Fit for the Ballet.

+ This piece from The Atlantic on The Invisible Labor of Fashion Blogging.

+ Ruth Reichl goes Grocery Shopping. On a day trip to New York, the popular food writer hits her favourite specialty-food stores.

+ For all my fellow science buffs: When and where to watch this Sunday’s total lunar eclipse.

+ Joanna interviewed writer-director Nancy Meyers. Father of the Bride was one of my favourite movies growing up!

+ Last weekend, I attended a TIFF screening of Desierto, a timely film about the attempts by a group of Mexicans to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. This fall, I’ll be reading John Vaillant’s debut novel, The Jaguar’s Children covering the same issue. Have you read it?

Check back for my complete fall reading list on Tuesday September 29.

(Photo of lit-up office buildings in the Financial District.)


4 thoughts on “Happy Weekend + Links I Love

  1. Natalie Bergen says:

    Hi Donna! Long time to speak…I just wanted to say hello. Have been out of my blogging game for a bit, but have missed us crossing paths. Thanks for sharing the Nancy Meyers link – I also LOVE Father of the Bride and all of her other movies…Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday…

    I hope you are doing well!!

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