Happy Weekend + Links I Love

centre island beach

Happy Friday friends! I hope your summer has been overflowing with good things — picnics by the water, fresh summer fruit, picture-perfect beach days, dazzling sunsets, star-filled skies, and just the right helping of adventure.

On Monday, I woke up bright and early and headed down to the Harbourfront with a couple of friends. We tackled the 40-foot rock climbing wall. It felt good to challenge myself and check that one off the summer bucket list! In the afternoon, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and acted like real tourists on a boat tour around the harbour.

After such an action-packed week, I plan on keeping things low key. Tomorrow evening, I’ll be checking out Taste of the Danforth with friends. What’s everyone up to this weekend? Whatever you end up doing, enjoy and stay safe! Here are a bunch of awesome links for your weekend browsing…

+ How to Write a Condolence Note. Simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking.

+ This little gadget is brilliant. When is it coming to Canada?

+ Anne shared her authors worth binge reading. I’m adding Louise Penny to my list of authors to check out. Also, scroll through the comments for a slew of great recommendations!

+ A shirt dress for warm weather in my favourite colour.

+ Last night, I listened to the Accidental Creative podcast episode on Comparison and Competition. My favourite takeaway: “It’s one thing to look to your left and right in order to understand the context for your work, and another thing altogether to become obsessed with the work of everyone around you.”

+ I can’t wait to pick up Todd Henry’s brand new book Louder Than Words: Harness The Power of Your Authentic Voice. Coming out on August 11th.

+ Golden Carrot, Citrus and Lavender Italian Ice. Drinkable sunscreen.

+ I can definitely relate to this post on mixed beauty. “One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked is, “Where are you from?” or (even more frequently), “What are you???” I get asked both these questions at least once a week.

+ Keeping skyscrapers from blowing in the wind. Not everyone minds the simulator-like feeling. Actor Christopher Meloni shared his experience living on the 60th floor of a Midtown Manhattan building: “I actually thought it was really cool. I “would feel the sensation and then I would look to my right and I’d see the buildings next door moving back and forth through my framed window and go, ‘O.K., I’m not crazy.’

+ Ghosting…so that’s like a thing now? “My questions:  Did he flee the country? Is he in the hospital? Did someone cut off his hands? Is that why he cannot pick up his phone? Where did he go and why did he drop off the face of the earth?”

+ Yesterday, while putting the finishing touches on my shepherd’s pie, I developed an intense craving for eggplant. I’m bookmarking this list of tips for choosing the best eggplants and consulting it before my next trip to the farmers market.

+ Watched and thoroughly enjoyed this week: Last Love starring Michael Caine and Clémence Poésy.

Summer reading update:

+ I picked up Me Before You and burned through it in less than 24 hours. I finally get why everyone gushes over this one. I found myself so emotionally invested — one minute I was laughing; the next, I was crying like a baby.

+ I’m halfway through The Other Language, from my summer reading list. If you’re planning a foray into short story territory, this collection would be a great place to start.

+ Next on the reading list: The New Yorkers by Cathleen Schine.

(Photo snapped over at Centre Island.)


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