Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy weekend everyone and happy long weekend to all the Canadian readers! This week was filled with sweltering days and fun times with family. On Thursday morning, we hopped the ferry over to the Toronto Islands, enjoyed a picnic by the sparkling lake, and soaked up the sunshine.

I hope you’re making the most of these summer days. Got any fun weekend plans? I plan on seeing Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation at some point and breaking a sweat at The Extension Room tomorrow. If you’re taking a breather, here’s a roundup of amazing links for you to click through….

+ TIFF 2015: Gala Presentations and Special Presentations were announced this week!

+ A Voice for the Voiceless. “I want women to be safe and I want babies to be born.”

+ Women in Calais camps: ‘I have to focus on how I can stay alive’. Hannah is 24, five months’ pregnant and can’t remember the last time she had a shower, let alone a medical check-up. The Syrian says she trekked through eight countries, her belly growing all the time, before ending up at Calais.

+ Sarah introduces us to her adorable baby bunny, Pepito Mora.

+ Exploring the beautiful birthplace of sport climbing. Acrophobes, view at your own risk!

+ It isn’t summer without funnel cake. This cinnamon sugar funnel cake with peaches and raspberries looks incredible!

+ Joanna shares a simple way to chill a glass of white wine.

Summer reading update:

+ I blazed through Elin Hilderbrand’s latest summer novel, The Rumor. If you’re looking for your next beach read, look no further.

+ Yesterday, I finished reading My Salinger Year, from my summer reading list. I didn’t want this engrossing memoir to end.

+ I also finished The Expats. This spy thriller really gets the blood pumping.

+ This weekend, I’ll be starting Francesca Marciano’s short story collection, The Other Language. Have you read it?

I hope you have a beautiful one!

(Photo of the skyline snapped from over at Centre Island.)


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