Happy Weekend + Links I Love

pre rollerblading

Happy Friday everyone. I hope this week was a good one! How’s your summer going? This week was all about being spontaneous. I can check after-dark rollerblading off my summer bucket list. On Monday night, I went rollerblading for the first time in seven years! We started at Harbourfront Centre and bladed along the street and boardwalk until 11 pm!

On Wednesday afternoon, I ended up in Graffiti Alley and yesterday afternoon, I soaked up some sun and enjoyed live music performances while lying on beach chairs under yellow umbrellas at HTO Park.

After such a busy, fun-filled week, I’m taking it easy this weekend. Got any fun plans? Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy! Here are my favourite links this week…

hto park

+ Watch: Chriselle shares her first ever short film, Change Destiny inspired by the dark moment of her miscarriage.

+ 26 Letters 26,000 Miles. Brooklyn-based illustrator and letterer Lauren Hom plans to take a trip around the world. You can help make her dream a reality by purchasing her beautiful travel-inspired, hand-lettered posters.

+ All the Tea in Taiwan: On traveling Taiwan’s Oolong trail. “Every step of processing—withering, bruising, resting, rolling, drying, and roasting—has to be done just so to coax the right balance of sweetness, body, flavor, and fragrance out of the leaves. In Taiwan, this isn’t just an industry; it’s an art form.”

+ The perfect match: Garance Doré announced her collaboration with Equipment.

+ Strangers on the Street Find a Connection in the Stars. On certain nights of the year, when the skies are clear and the stars and planets are aligned just so, Mr. Davis, 63, heads out into the streets, equipped with a high-powered telescope and a head full of idealism, and hoping to reconnect people through something he calls “sidewalk astronomy.”

+ Treat yourself: Campfire Baked Bananas and Pineapple Upside-Down Cake + Boozy Raspberry Mash.

+ Weekend guide: Slide the City at Downsview Park, Ritmo y Color festival at Harbourfront Centre, BrazilFest at Earlscourt Park, and a slew of Panamania events.

Summer reading update:

+ I am blazing through The Barbarian Nurseries. This one will without a doubt make my top reads list.

+ In an attempt to drown out the subway chatter, I’ve been traveling with The Expats by Chris Pavone.

+ While lounging in the park or by the lake, I’ve been reading Joanna Rakoff’s memoir, My Salinger Year.

(Top photo snapped before rollerblading along the waterfront, bottom photo of my afternoon in HTO Park.)


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