Happy Spring + Links I Love


Happy first week of Spring, everyone. Last week, we got a taste of things to come with milder temps, bright blue skies and loads of sunshine. I am dreaming of shorts and t-shirt weather and other lovely Spring things. With Relay For Life in Toronto just 3 months away, we’re in full planning and promo mode.

Hope your week is off to a beautiful start. If you’re in the reading mood, here are a bunch of links I loved recently…

+ Just in time: Nutrition Stripped’s guide to Spring fruits and veggies.

Must watch: ‘Keep You Head Down’: A Short Film about a Jamaican Caddy. For 43 years, Cleveland Kerr has worked on a golf course. “I won’t be done caddying until I can’t move around anymore.”

+ Before I go: Time warps for a young surgeon with metastatic lung cancer. Such a touching post. My thoughts and prayers go out to Joanna Goddard, her sister Lucy and their family during this difficult time.

+ Such an inspiration: Meghan Markle is the new UN Women Advocate for Women’s Leadership & Political Participation. “Women need a seat at the table, they need an invitation to be seated there, and in some cases, where this is not available, they need to create their own table.” Watch her full speech here.

+ For the love of ballet: Ann Street Studio gives us a peek behind the curtains at their School of American Ballet shoot.

+ Kitchen Rhythm: A Year in a Parisian Patisserie. “Sound is so important in baking. White chocolate squares clink like Scrabble tiles. Properly tempered chocolate makes a slight crack when you bite through the shell to a yielding ganache, as all the molecules have been neatly lined up.”

+ In my ears: This Accidental Creative podcast on the power of a morning ritual. The takeaway: “We only reap a harvest for seeds that we have planted. You produce more fruit over time if you are consistent. If you have a rhythm about your life; if you consistently plant seeds, you will eventually bear fruit. A morning ritual anchors your perspective.”

+ On friendships: Loved this Darling Magazine post, The Tough Task of Tough Love. “A desire to protect others’ feelings might be validly rooted in love and appear sacrificial, but we could be doing a disservice to those we love if we overcompensate for gaps in disagreements or too often give in to those who expect assistance.”

Science is fun: LiquiGlide, a start-up company has developed a coating that makes the inside of a bottle permanently wet. With New Nonstick Coating, the Wait, and Waste, Is Over.

+ Watch your language: The New Yorker premiered the first episode of its new video series, The Comma Queen.

+ I finished reading this book recently and now I’m watching my words very, very carefully. I highly recommend it.

Stay tuned for my Spring reading list on March 24.

(Photo from Ann Street Studio)


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