Happy Monday + Links I Love


Happy Monday, everyone! Can you believe it’s March? Wave your hands wildly if you’re ready for spring. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I turned the final page of this exquisitely crafted book last night. I was so sad to say goodbye to the beautiful language and lovable characters. Have you read it?

If you’re in the mood for a bit of internet browsing, feel free to click through these incredible links I’m loving lately…

+ Inspiring: Photographer Laura Boushnak’s TED Talk, For these women, reading is a daring act.

+ For all the grammar nerds: Compose vs. comprise.

+ Mental health: Medicating women’s feelings. Julie Holland, a New York psychiatrist and author says, “The problem is too many genuinely ill people remain untreated, mostly because of socioeconomic factors. People who don’t really need these drugs are trying to medicate a normal reaction to an unnatural set of stressors.”

+ Chriselle shares 7 ways to beautify with pineapple. The skin softening mask and pineapple peel body scrub sound heavenly.

+ Women’s issues: “We have the best culture. In our culture, there is no place for a woman,” says ML Sharma, defence lawyer for the men convicted of medical student Jyoti Singh’s rape and murder in India’s Daughter, a powerful documentary by filmmaker Leslee Udwin.

+ Simple health tip: Love kale? Express your feelings with a little massage.

+ For your must-watch list: Over the weekend, I watched this movie and can’t stop thinking about it. It’s hands down the best movie I’ve seen in ages.

+ And just in case you missed Lady Gaga’s flawless tribute to “The Sound of Music” at the Oscars.

(Movie still from Whiplash via The Hollywood Reporter)


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