Happy Weekend + Links I Love

red carpet

Happy Sunday everyone. The Oscars are on at 8:30 EST this evening. Will you be tuning in? Also, fashion month is in full swing. New York Fashion Week wrapped Thursday and London Fashion Week kicked off on Friday. Catch all the live action from the London runways.

If it’s freezing where you are and you absolutely must go outside, make sure to bundle up. And if you’re hiding from the sub zero temps, curl up and check out these amazing reads I came across this week…

+ Oscars fun: Print off this ballot, make your picks and follow the action during tonight’s telecast.

+ Hollywood Food Stylists Know: You Can’t Film Styrofoam Cake and Eat It, Too. Actor Jon Favreau, who also directed the film Chef, says, “The trick with food on a set — you have to eat and then you have to eat again, and then you have to eat again for every angle and every take.”

+ “You see the big moment isn’t the show; it’s the midnight run to the fabric store … it’s the sketches on the 7:00a.m. subway of a jacket for next season six months before the show.” Brooklyn-based lifestyle photographer and founder of The Refined Woman Kat Harris on Fashion Week 2015 and why it matters.

+ Mars One released the names of the 100 semifinalists who will battle it out on a reality TV series for the chance to take a one-way trip to Mars. Six Canadians made the cut.

+ “On September 3, 1996—the first day of grade six—I suffered a mental breakdown.” Emily Landau’s on her battle with anxiety, My Prescribed Life: After two decades on antidepressants, who am I?

+ The Shame of Solitary Confinement. “Many of the inmates who are sent to isolation aren’t there because they hurt or threatened someone. They are in solitary for breaking a rule. It is nothing less than a form of torture, and yet American prisons have used it unthinkingly for decades…”

+ Pat McGrath by the numbers: T The New York Times Style Magazine sums up everything you could ever want to know about the makeup genius in this cool infographic.

+ Hilarious read: Garance on her winter style and that time she ended up sitting across from Jake Gyllenhaal. “As for Jake, he was also wearing a beanie, but for some reason, on him it looked more like: “LA celebrity having lunch with his agent in New York” and on me it was like: “Lost girl with greasy hair having lunch with her therapist.”

+ The ultimate life-saver: I’m not sure how we got by before these New York Times Cooking Techniques videos like this one on how to poach an egg.

+ Staying up late at night with this book and savouring each exquisite sentence.

(Photo from via CBC News by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)


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