Happy Weekend + Links I Love

dancers among us 1

Happy 2015, friends! Got any fun plans for the first weekend of the year? Tonight’s ice skating plans got buried under a ton of snow and pelted by freezing rain.

So my backup plan: stay in and get lost in a book. I really want to read more this year and I am well on my way. This week, I devoured this book and I am working my way through this one. I discovered sooooo many excellent reads this week. Happy clicking!

+ Let’s speak the truth in love always. When vulnerability strengthens.

+ An incredibly moving testimony: Kristin shares the story of the birth and loss of her daughter Sophia and how she changed her. Sophia’s Birth Story: A Story of Hope.

+ “It ended today at 2:43pm, in the middle of a run-on sentence, my head on his heart and my arms around him in a hospital bed built for one, but perfect for the two of us.” I read Nora and Aaron’s love story from the beginning to the end. If you’re stuck indoors, you should too.

+ The gap has never been wider. In Hollywood, It’s a Men’s, Men’s, Men’s World.

+ The race to save Peter Kassig. The detailed story behind the extraordinary effort to secure the release of the American aid worker. Kassig was kidnapped in Syria in October 2013 by ISIS. He was killed on November 16, 2014.

+ Readability is a myth. Difficulty is in the eyes of the reader. Agree or disagree?

+ Melvin of Melvin’s Juicebox on cleansing, hanging with Christy Turlington, and the ultimate juice recipe.

+ I vowed to get into short stories this year. So I’m bookmarking, 10 Short Stories I Loved in 2014.

+ “All the photographs are about found objects — shotgun shells from a Border Patrol shooting range, a soccer ball, a boot, a Spanish translation of Doctor Zhivago — that are banal but laden with meaning.” Photographer Richard Misrach on the scenes he captures at the California-Mexico border. Border Signs: Turning a lens on the tragedy of the U.S.-Mexico frontier.

+ Get Skimming: I signed up for The Skimm this week. A roundup of freshly squeezed, easy to digest, reliable news sent to your inbox every morning.

(Photo of Jennifer Jones by Jordan Matter Photography, Dancers Among Us)


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