Happy Weekend + Links I Love

snowy dayHappy weekend, everyone. Yesterday, I finally watched Gone Girl and I can honestly say it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. Have you seen it?! It seriously messed with my head and Rosamund Pike’s performance was absolutely brilliant. Ben Affleck was also pretty amazing. Now, I am dying to read the book. Maybe I’ll pick it up this weekend.

How’s your weekend looking? Whatever you’ve got planned, I hope you have fun and stay safe! If you’re in the mood to catch up on some reading, here’s a roundup of my favourite reads from around the web this week…

+ Season’s eatings: Diverse holiday feasts from five New York families.

On active waiting: Waiting isn’t a passive activity. This year, God has taught me how to pray without ceasing, be aware of my attitude while I am waiting, and rely solely on Him while I wait. This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, When you need to remember that waiting isn’t a waste of your time or your life.

+ This touching photo series and post, My wife’s fight with breast cancer reminds us to love hard because life is unpredictable.

+ “Black lives matter. It’s a phrase that should never have to be said. It should be self-evident, but our history sadly requires us to say it.” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio in his speech following the grand jury’s refusal to indict the police officer involved in the death of Eric Garner.

+ On higher education: This Elle article, Hypereducated and on welfare.

+ Plan on catching up on some reading over the holidays or looking for the perfect gift for the bookworms in your life? NPR staff and critics have got you covered with their interactive guide, the 2014 Book Concierge.

+ Supal does holiday glam right in London.

+ Look out, world. Online Sales for Girl Scout Cookies are approved.

+ Hot chocolate, 3 ways: thick peanut butter hot chocolate, slow cooker salted caramel hot chocolate, and red wine hot chocolate.

+ Skate at Somerset House

Gifting from a guy’s point of view: Neal from The Neat Fit put together the perfect gift guide for the men in your life.

From The Everygirl to you: This holiday gift guide covers everyone on your list – from the girly girl to the worker bee to the cooking enthusiast to the creative.

+ This brilliant illustrated personalized book would make the perfect gift for the little ones on your list. Bonus: free worldwide shipping!

(Photo from This is Glamorous)

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