Happy Weekend + Links I Love

harpers bazaar cover

Happy Friday, all! What’s everyone up to this weekend? The temperature has taken a nosedive this week and I’ve finally pulled my winter coat, turtlenecks and mittens out. We’re expecting a light dusting of snow just in time for the Santa Claus Parade on Sunday. It’s the perfect weekend to curl up with a good book or catch a movie, don’t you think? I missed the premiere of Nightcrawler during TIFF so I’m seeing it tonight. Have you seen it?

If you’re staying in this weekend, grab a warm drink, get cozy and check out the reads I loved this week…

+ The New Yorker on Nightcrawler: “Viewers who recently booked a vacation in L.A. will come out of the movie and cancel their reservation.”

+ Tea talk: An introduction to matcha.

+ Jennifer Aniston takes flight for the Harper’s BAZAAR December issue and opens up about her love life and her new film, Cake.

Bookmarked: The biggest beauty editors share the products they can’t live without.

+ Saving face: How to take makeup off the right way.

Health news: Earlier this week, twelve women died after undergoing sterilization procedures at a government-run camp in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh.

+ Today, Indian officials announced that the deaths might be linked to antibiotic pills tainted with rat poison. “If you do a quick Google search, you will find it is rat poison, and the women were displaying symptoms similar to poisoning,” said Sonmoni Borah, a senior official in the district of Bilaspur.

+ Women’s health: Your Pap smear questions answered.

+ Need dating advice? Ask a French Girl.

+ Fascinating: The Psychology of the Supermarket.

+ For the long commute: “Replacing parts and replacing a toothbrush, having toilet paper – there are some things that modern society expects and does and there would be significant degrading of your lifestyle on Mars.” NASA’s David Willson on what the Mars One colonists should expect if they land safely on the Red Planet. All dressed up for Mars and Nowhere to Go.

+ TED Talk: Veteran aid worker Joy Sun addresses the question, Should you donate differently?

+ Be safe: Wendy’s story serves as a reminder that as women, we need to take our safety into our own hands.

Have a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

(Photo of Jennifer Aniston by Melvin Sokolsky for Harper’s Bazaar)


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