Happy {Labour} Day Weekend + Links I Love


Happy Friday, everyone and Happy Labour Day weekend to all my Canadian and American readers. Got any fun plans?

Fall is slowly, but surely showing her face around here. About two weeks ago, I noticed Halloween candy creeping onto supermarket shelves. Then just this week, Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte made an early return. Is it just me or is this happening earlier and earlier every year? As much as I love fall, I think we need to slow down a bit and simply savour the season we are in. We’ve still got a month until summer officially ends.

If you’ve got a date with your couch this weekend, why not catch up on some reading? Here’s a roundup of links I’m loving this week…

+ This post from The Food Babe has been making the rounds and causing quite the stir.

+ The Kitchn shows us how to satisfy our Pumpkin Spice Latte cravings without leaving home. Bonus: this version actually has pumpkin in it.

+ Emily’s post on “What Love Never Does” breathes new life and hope into our chaos-filled world.

+ The power of story: Kat Harris of The Refined Woman shares a piece of her incredibly inspiring story with us. “We live in a world full of damage and heartache, but I believe that truth sets people free and story changes lives.”

+ Hello Vogue: I was totally wowed by Vogue.com’s glossy, new look.

+ A delightfully funny summer recap.

+ Pretty pleats, pretty please: This trend is huge for fall as evidenced here, here and here. Stock up now!

+ This Toronto ice cream parlour gives us the scoop on how they make their miso-jellyfish ice cream. Would you try it?!

+ A bold, authentic and inspiring post: I didn’t think I was in an abusive relationship.

+ Need a confidence boost? Carrie’s post on body image will do the trick.

+ I was pretty impressed with New York Magazine’s in-depth look at the Making of Foxcatcher. The true-to-life drama is slated to make its Canadian debut at TIFF on September 8. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

+ The Olivia Palermo x Aquazzura collection is finally here! Shop the collection on Net-A-Porter.com. Those suede ankle boots are calling my name.

+ Happy Fashion Week: The wait is almost over. Catch all the live action starting September 4.

+ A beautiful reminder to live in the now. This moment is all we can be certain of.

So live it up and make the most of the last weekend of August!

(Photo of Andrea Virgin & Miami City Ballet by Jordan Matter)


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