Ottawa weekend :: Day 1

A couple of weekends ago, two of my closest friends and I caught the 9:25 AM Via Rail to Canada’s capital city. Two movies later, our train pulled into the Ottawa train station on the final weekend of their massive winter festival, Winterlude. We dropped off our luggage at the hotel, bundled up in extra layers (about five or six) and headed out to explore the city. Checking out a few ice sculptures and walking along the frozen Rideau Canal topped our list for the evening.

In winter, the historic waterway magically transforms into a 7.8 km long roadway of ice. Stretching from Canada’s Parliament buildings to Dow’s Lake, the Rideau Canal Skateway holds the title for the world’s largest skating rink.

As we strolled along the frozen canal, my toes were freezing in my Sorels. The mercury dipped to -25 celcius, but our sweet discovery at the end of the night was well worth the biting wind and frozen toes.

Lesson learned: Always wear at least three pairs of socks when walking on ice.

Winterlude 1

Winterlude 2

Winterlude 3

drew and i

Winterlude 4

Rideau Canal 2

Rideau Canal 3

Winterlude 5

Rideau Canal 1

Winterlude 6

packed rideau canal

Winterlude 7

Winterlude 9

Winterlude 8

We found ourselves on the Somerset Bridge overlooking the Rideau Canal where we were greeted by the most beautiful sunset and this sweet surprise – love locks adorning the bridge.

Have you ever been to a winter festival before? It feels good to cross this off my bucket list! I’ll be posting pics from day 2 of our weekend getaway including our visit to Parliament Hill, view from the Peace Tower, visit to Snowflake Kingdom, and first ice skating experience along the Rideau Canal Skateway. So stay tuned!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.:)


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