Happy Weekend + Links I Love


Happy weekend my friends. Got any fun plans? I had a pesky mole removed yesterday and it’s stinging a bit so just taking it easy this weekend. I’m happy I decided to get the procedure done though. Thank God it’s New York Fashion Week!;) That will keep me busy at least. If you’re going into hibernation mode this weekend, here are a few links to keep you company…

+ I’m going Gaga over this Harper’s Bazaar interview. So genuine, articulate and down-to-earth.

+ SJP got coveteured and I couldn’t be happier. Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

+ The truth behind the creator of HBO’s True Detective will blow your mind.

+ This just cracked me up. So spot on.

+ Lifestyle tips: 5 Ways I Stay Healthy while Kicking Ass at Work.

+ Did you catch this Oscars’ commercial for ‘Gravity’?

+ Meet the newest face for my fave brand’s spring campaign.

+ Did you see this inspiring and playful home tour?

+ I’m head over heels for these custom skeleton helmets. Goooo Team Canada!

+ Fashion Week wisdom: Breaking Down the Front Row.

+ But who cares about the front row when you can catch all the action live from the best seat in the house – your comfy couch, bed, or even your office chair.

Have a lovely weekend.

(Photo by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar)


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