World Cancer Day 2014 :: Debunk the myths

world cancer day 2014I think about cancer way more than I’d like. I think about cancer while I’m brushing my teeth. I think about cancer while I’m applying my lipstick. I think about cancer when my fingers lightly brush against the scar on my neck. I think about cancer when a stranger asks me about that scar. Cancer, cancer, cancer.

I think about cancer on this day; World Cancer Day 2014.

What is World Cancer Day?

Every year on February 4, World Cancer Day unites the world’s population in the fight against cancer. This global event aims to save millions of lives each year by raising awareness and educating people about this dreaded, yet preventable disease.

Who’s behind World Cancer Day?

Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the largest cancer fighting organization with over 800 member organizations across 155 countries. Founded in 1933 and based in Geneva, UICC features the world’s major cancer societies, ministries of health, research institutes, and patient groups.

World Cancer Day 2014

The focus of this year’s World Cancer Day – debunking the myths associated with cancer.

mythsFor more information on each of these myths and misconceptions about cancer, check out the World Cancer Day fact sheets.

Want to get involved?

1. Join the fight and spread the truth on social media.

  • Follow @UICC on Twitter and use the hashtags #WorldCancerDay and #debunkcancermyths in your tweets.
  • Like the World Cancer Day Facebook page and share what you’ll be doing on the day.

2. Post the World Cancer Day logo on your blog, website and Instagram or put it as your profile pic on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Share your cancer story.

4. Link to on your site.

5. Attend a World Cancer Day event in your area. Check out the Interactive Map of Global Events and Activities to see what’s going on.

6. Planning a fundraising event or advocacy activity to mark the day? Share it with the world by uploading it to the World Cancer Day map.

7. Sign the World Cancer Declaration, a tool to help bring the growing cancer crisis to the attention of world leaders and health policymakers in order to significantly reduce the global cancer burden by 2020.

I’m living proof that early detection saves lives. Pay attention to the signs/symptoms, get screened, and don’t wait until it’s too late!

(Images from, all information from and Union for International Cancer Control.)

3 thoughts on “World Cancer Day 2014 :: Debunk the myths

  1. Feet from Shore says:

    I’m like you Donna, I think about cancer more than I would like. Ever since I lost my grandpa because of that I’ve become more and more worried about it. Thank you so much for this post, it means a lot.

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