Getting back to nature

exterior Quebec home

The owners of this beautiful property in the Canadian Laurentians region in Quebec wanted to be able to enjoy the charms of the surrounding forest from the comfort of their home. The house sits flat on the ground so as not to disturb the landscape. Large floor to ceiling glass windows, movable panels, and a skylight let natural light in and bring the house closer to nature. The exterior of the house is lined with cedar slats while the wood dominates the kitchen and bathrooms. I love that the owners drew inspiration from their natural surroundings and created a home that’s in tune with the environment.

living area


A bay window lets natural light into the kitchen. Wood facade line the interior walls.

kitchen b

A stove foundry – open on both sides by glass doors subtly separates the living room from the dining area and kitchen.

patio and dining room

The patio and dining room seems to be outdoors thanks to the skylight. An iron stove keeps the area warm and cozy during the winter months.

indoor pool

While lounging by the indoor pool, the owners won’t see forest views, but they will receive natural light thanks to straight line grooves in the wall.

master bedroom

I love the parquet floors and warm tones in this master bedroom. I also love the simplicity of the furniture and I’d love to wake up to a view like that every morning.


This is my dream bathroom right here.

Spotted in Nuevo Estilo


5 thoughts on “Getting back to nature

  1. jaymcinnes says:

    What a beautiful home! The concept of bringing the outdoors in makes for such a great vibe. There is such an open and airy feeling about the whole home which helps enhance the ‘nature’ feeling. The dining room in particular which almost has a green house effect is truly special.

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