Dancers Among Us

Every time I pick up Dancers Among Us by Jordan Matter, I get lost in another world. It’s the most perfect coffee table book! Matter presents breathtaking photo after breathtaking photo of dancers leaping, pirouetting, lifting – but in everyday situations. Each photo encourages us to take a deeper look at familiar places; willing us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Dancers transform coffee shops, subway platforms, beaches, even the local deli into places where magical things happen.

Matter skillfully captures the dancers’ love of movement and life and inspires us to cherish each moment and revel in the beauty around us.

I discovered the Dancers Among Us website today and I couldn’t be happier:)

Check out a few of my favorites from the collection:

madison avenueMadison Avenue – Arianna Bickle

grand central stationGrand Central Station – Sarah Sadie Newett & Orlando Martinez

kissing under the pierSanta Monica, CA – Jill Wilson & Jacob Jonas

subwayNYC Subway – Allison Jones

DeliCarnegie Deli, NYC – Tenealle Farragher

West Nyack

Barnes & Noble, West Nyack, NY – Aisha Mitchell

AtlantaAtlanta – Tomas Panto

In the book, each photo is accompanied by different inspiring quotes. Definitely one of my favourite possessions!

Check out Matter’s photos and behind-the-scenes videos of photo shoots on the Dancers Among Us.

I always think about breaking out into dance while riding the subway. Maybe next time I will!;)

Images via Dancers Among Us


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